Wordle Is Now A Board Game, Because Why Not?!

wordle board game 2

It seems like the world is not done talking about Wordle. It was bought by The New Your Times, ported to GameBoy systems, and ripped off multiple times. So, what’s the logical next step? Well, Wordle is now a board game. Time to earn some streaks in real life!

Hasbro, the company behind the game, posted an announcement for eager “Wordlers”. It stated that the popular game will be making it to your homes this October. That’s a couple of months away, but if you can’t wait to lock in your purchase, you can pre-order the game starting today.

So, how does Wordle work as a board game?

If you’re wondering how this game would transition from bytes to boards, it actually works. It brings a totally new dynamic to the game of Wordle, and that’s because of one fact: it’s a party game.


Wordle has always been a solitary game. You’d challenge the computer by yourself in the privacy of your own room. However, the board game turns it into a fun party activity.

While playing the board game version, there will be one game master and a number of contestants. The game master will pick a card with the mystery word on it. The contestants are given blank cards just like the empty Wordle boards on the site. The contestants will then write their guess down in the squares. After they write their guesses down, the game master will look at them and place either a yellow or green square on the letters.

The game will go on like this until someone guesses the word correctly. This turns the original game into a competitive party game. It’s like when Nintendo took Super Mario and created Mario Party.


The trailer, as is the way of the world, made the whole process look fun and not tedious at all. But it might be a hassle playing the game in real life for several reasons. You’ll just have to wait the three months and find out for yourself.

You can pre-order the game on Amazon, Hasbro Pulse, and Target for $19.99. That’s not a bad price for the game.