The First Non-Samsung Watch With Wear OS 3 Is Here

Montblanc Summit 3

Ever since its release the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has been the only watch with Wear OS 3, but now that the Montblanc Summit 3 is here, that changes. This is the first smartwatch that runs on Google’s Wear OS 3 platform that isn’t the Galaxy Watch 4. Even though the Galaxy Watch 4 is coming up on being available for purchase for nearly a year.

It’s an interesting, and almost surreal notion that Samsung has had an exclusivity on Wear OS 3 for this long. Especially considering it’s Wear OS 3 with One UI Watch 4 (soon to be One UI Watch 4.5) as a top layer. With all of that said, now that the Montblanc Summit 3 is available, here’s your first look at Wear OS 3 on a non-Samsung watch.

The Montblanc Summit 3 shows off the stock Wear OS 3 experience

Most of the reveal of this more stock experience is shown off via the official Montblanc YouTube channel. Which has recently published ten different how-to videos on setting up the watch and accessing/using its different features.


From navigating the watch interface to using the blood oxygen, stress, and sleep monitoring apps. The most revealing video though is the very first video uploaded by Montblanc. Which shows users how to navigate it.

You get a quick peek at some of the differences between the Summit 3’s version of Wear OS 3, and the one on the Galaxy Watch 4. For example, you swipe left and right to access tiles. And notifications have been moved. You instead swipe up to access them. Whereas on the Galaxy Watch 4 swiping up brings up the app drawer as it does on Android phones.

There are still similarities though. Long-pressing on the home screen still brings up the background style menu. All-in-all, this is what you can probably expect other Wear OS 3 watches to look like software-wise when they arrive. Or when existing watches are updated.


If you don’t feel like waiting too long, you can snag the Montblanc Summit 3 instead. As long as you’re willing to part with $1,290 of your money to acquire it. Also worth noting is that the watch isn’t actually shipping yet. But you can secure your purchase.